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Why it's important to change blades

We can't stress enough how important it is to change your blades regularly. Besides the fact that a dull blade prevents you from getting a clean and close shave, it can also be the cause of Irritated skin, ingrown hairs, nicks, cuts, razor burns and sometimes even infections.
It's hard to say specifically when it's time to change blades because it depends on lots of factors. Making a blade change after 5-7 shaves is what the American Academy of Dermatologists are recommending, but the blades will last a bit longer if you take care of them. That is why we've included a wall hanger in all our razor kits. The hanger will expand the blade's lifetime, keeping it dry after every time you've shaved.

1. Sharp blades will make your shaving session more enjoyable

A dull blade will make your shaving session less enjoyable as it might pull and tug your hairs, leaving you with patches and a non-smooth skin. Also, if you start noticing that your skin is becoming irritated and red after you've shaved then that's also a sign it's time to swap blades.

2. Choose slim, sharp blades

Another important factor is the quality of the blades you're using. Cheap dull blades won't last as long as the ones of higher quality. Melle's blades are slim, sharp and double-bladed. The two blades cut the hairs clean and close at skin level, allowing it to grow out naturally.

3. Change more often: you have thick and a lot of hair

If you have thick hair and/or a lot of hair on your body, this too will offect the lifespan of your blades. In most cases your blade will wear out sooner if you have thick and dense hair. The blades being worn out also depends on how often and how large of a sorface it's being used for, it goes without saying, if the blade is being used a lot and on large areas then it will become dull sooner.

4. Always clean your razor

And lastly, make sure to always clean your razor after you've used it. Rinse the blade under warm water. preferably in between every stroke you make. This will keep it clean from hair, shaving balm and other gunk that might got stuck in there.