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How to leave red and irritated skin in the past

Raise your hand if you're ever gotten red bumps after a shave. It's usually one of those things that's Inevitable to avoid. Lucky for you, Melle has some tricks up the sleeves to help you reduce the risk of getting red bumps and irritated skin after a shaving session.

Softened hairs equals less irritation

So, it's time for a shave and this time we don't want any red bumps or irritated skin. Start off by taking a nice warm shover. The heat will soften your hairs and open up the hair follicles, giving you easier access once you start shaving. If you have really sensitive skin then take your time. Don't stress, shave carefully and don't press too hard on the razor.

Exfoliate to evoke the hairs

A little thing you can do pre-shaving (especially if you easily get ingrown hairs) is to gently exfoliate. Use a scrub or a loofah and circle around the area you're about to shave. The exfoliation will bring out the ingrown hairs, making it easier to get rid of them when it's time to shave.

It's all about the blades

Changing blades regularly is so important when it comes to avoiding red bumps. Besides the fact that a new sharp blade makes a smoother shave, then just imagine all the impurities that get caught in there every time you shave. Impurities that will get to your hair follicles and irritate your skin. So, we wanna give this advice to you: If you don't remember the last time you swapped blades, then now's probably the time to do it.

Always choose shaving balm

We can't stop raving about our Soothing Shaving Balm, but that's only because it's incredible. So the next time you're going in for a shave, please don't reach for the shower soap. It will only dry out your skin and increase the risk of getting red bumps. Our shaving balm has a formula that's been perfected for its occasion. Containing caring ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil and chamomile extract, it will make your life easier when it comes to avoiding red bumps and irritated skin.


Finish off your shaving sesh with some cold

If you easily get red bumps and irritated skin, then you should always end your shaving session by splashing some cold water on the shaved areas. The cold water will close your hair follicles, making sure that no impurities can find their way in. Plus, it's always a good feeling putting something cold on red and irritated skin.

Rehydrate and cool down

Make it a habit to always moisturize after you've shaved. Keeping your skin hydrated is key to not getting dry skin that turns red and irritated. Choose a lotion or body butter that doesn't go too heavy on the perfume. A tip is to use aloe vera since it has a cooling effect and leaves you with non-dry and non-irritated skin.